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Role: Researcher & Visual Designer

Stephanie Leem - Senior Visual Designer
Alli Sevareid - Visual Designer
Tiffany Cruz - Visual Designer
Emily Tarbush - Strat Design Manager
Richa Mishra - Strat Design Manager
Kelsey Knight - Strat Design Manager
Ann Woo - Visual Designer
Dana Del Poso - Visual Designer
Hannah Goldstein - Visual Designer
Ike Butler - Visual Designer
Jiwon Choi - Visual Designer
Juliana Sampaio - Visual Designer
Keith Kennedy - Visual Designer
Kara Kennedy - Visual Designer
Keri Kinlaw - Visual Designer
Michelle Fan - Visual Designer
Miles Lee - Visual Designer
Phoebe Lindo - Visual Designer


Attentive Mobile ranges from small to large businesses and leverages the power of mobile messaging to connect with customers in a personalized and engaging way, ultimately driving customer satisfaction and business growth. Attentive Mobile's platform also includes powerful analytics and reporting features, allowing businesses to track the performance of their messaging campaigns and gain insights into customer behavior and engagement. These insights help businesses optimize their messaging strategies and improve their overall marketing efforts.


The objective is to encourage small and mid-sized businesses to use text messaging campaigns for events and holidays by providing access to an illustration library consisting of GIFs and images. The goal is to increase the number of text messaging campaigns sent out to subscribers and gain a larger number of subscribers.


Lead a team of designers to create a service where clients have quick access to over hundreds of visual assets that are ready to be sent immediately, following best practices for images sent via text. We conducted research and developed a design system for our visual assets, drawing inspiration from the latest design trends, popular competitor dimensions, and designs sent by other clients to subscribers. Additionally, we have released small batches of new events/holidays for upcoming months every few months to gauge clients' interest.


Our solution aims to increase the usage of visual assets sent over text, particularly for heavy marketing holidays such as July 4th, Memorial Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. We have received positive feedback from marketing, with clients eagerly inquiring about when we would release more visual assets. Our asset library offers over a hundred assets for clients to choose from.

Marshmallow on Stick Lit on Fire to Celebrate S'more's DayDay of the Dead also called dia de los muertes. Skull surronded by flowers on imageText Celebrate Cooking Day and fork with spagettiHappy Father's Day textText Celebrating Pride MonthUnderwear Day