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Brand Refresh

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Role: Brand Designer

Elyssa Dennin - VP Design
Max Valiquette - Senior Director of Brand Design
Abby Kohn - Design and Brand Operations
Emily Tarbush - Strategic Design Manager
Richa Mishra - Visual Designer
Tanner Leslie - Brand Designer
Tiffany Cruz - Visual Designer


In 2020, Attentive Mobile rebranded their company, which encompassed a complete overhaul of their website, branding, and overall design system. This transformation aimed to enhance engagement with new clients and subscribers.


The company was experiencing rapid expansion and needed to establish a fresh brand identity to distinguish itself from the competition in the market. Setting the business apart and making it stand out among similar products or services was crucial.


The objective was to create a new design system that would impress both existing and prospective clients, improve navigability, and maintain consistency across the company's brand. Additionally, the goal was to facilitate easier learning of the brand guidelines for future designers on the team and provide a collaborative platform for accessing previous work.


Initial research involved conducting a competitive analysis to identify the styles employed by competitors and determine how to differentiate from them. Developing a unique system was essential to capture the attention of potential customers. The work was divided into quick sprint rounds, beginning with team-based moodboard creation and progressing to defining illustration styles, crafting assets for specific pages, selecting icons for the website, and ensuring their cohesive integration with typography. All these decisions were guided by our values and feedback from senior leadership. We also evaluated various applications to identify the most user-friendly platform for collaborative work and preserving legacy designs.


We leveraged Figma as our primary tool for building an iconography and illustrated library in line with our bright, fun, and accessible brand system. Extensive collaboration with the brand design team allowed us to establish comprehensive guidelines for creating our gradient illustrated style, determining file dimensions and formats, and selecting suitable plugins to expedite the process. Rigorous testing ensured the quality and alignment of our assets with the overall aesthetics of our website.


The creation of a distinctive system was pivotal in distinguishing ourselves in the market & captivating potential customers. This initiative laid foundation for future designs across both physical & digital spaces, including ad campaigns, landing pages, & billboards.

Inspiration & Color Palette

Moodboard of inspiration for siteColor palette for Attentive brand


Shelves full of potted plants, books pens and record player next to a set of arch windows displaying the skyLaptop with attentive logo turned on. Vegetation sprouting from laptop. Attentive's hat and water bottle sit beside on either sidePhone on with text messages in front of a window with a sunny skyAttentive logo with a heart on the sideShopping center with stairs leading up. A telescope is on top of some shopping boxes A clothes rack is behind the stairs. A chair is for sale on display at the window.A legal scale balancing equally

Sketch to Website

404 sketch. Western mountain background with giant phone in sand lighting up 404 text centered on image.404 error screen illustration. Western mountain background with giant phone in sand lighting up 404 text centered on image.Finalize 404 illustration on live website. Western mountain background with giant phone in sand lighting up 404 text centered on image.


Screenshot of About Us Page live on website.Partners page live on websiteJoin our team website page live on website