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Role: Lead Designer

Tiff Cruz - Designer


Givelify is a mobile and online donation platform designed to streamline the charitable giving process. It enables users to effortlessly donate to their preferred nonprofits, places of worship, and charitable causes through their smartphones or computers. Givelify offers a user-friendly interface, secure payment processing, and features that empower donors to track their giving history and support multiple organizations seamlessly. This platform has gained immense popularity among both donors and nonprofits, providing a convenient way to support vital causes and missions.


Givelify is introducing a new feature on its Giving App, allowing individuals to volunteer their time to charitable organizations. We are launching a marketing campaign to promote this innovative feature and need to create assets that resonate with the audience, motivating them to sign up and use Givelify for volunteering.


Our goal is to launch a new advertising campaign to promote the upcoming feature that enables people to volunteer their time with charitable organizations through Givelify.


To ensure accurate internal communication and consistent external brand presentation, we are immersing ourselves in the overall brand, including the website & social media channels. We aim to distill the brand's style into four key adjectives: Bright, Clean, Human, and Friendly. We are also seeking inspiration from brands that evoke these qualities, such as Zapier, Droga5, Intuit Credit Karma, and Burger King. Our challenge is to maintain Givelify's essence while infusing a sense of maturity suitable for an older audience.



Initial Round

In order to get a general direction on how to move forward for the campaign I divided it into two stages first round with feedback from targeted audience and final stage with feedback. My largest hurdle to nail this campaign is appealing to the older 65-70 age group and what better way to get a sense of their interest by asking them for their opinions. I asked several of my friends if they could show them this image to their parents. Key factors from the initial phase was as follows: The image of the woman was too young looking.It felt the brand was non-inclusive.Her smile was too fake.She does not look comfy. Why do we need to input our birthdate?They enjoyed the overall color and design choice.

Second Round

Key changes in second round:I switched the image to a POC who looked thoughtful and determined. I also added additional senior citizens to the campaign.Discussed to friend that is a UX researcher on her finding from user testings and people’s reactions to faces. They felt more kinship with a friendly kind face and more likely to continue to use an app.Instead of MM/DD/YYYY switched to what volunteer events people were interested in. Since the ad campaign is celebrated it’s new volunteer feature, data can be collect to see which ones people are generally look forward to joining.

Solution for Landing Page

After the initial round, I moved on to create two different landing pages: one for mobile and one for desktop. Both have a two-step process page that will help collect data:

The first page will collect email data and the age of the audience. The second page includes terms of use and a privacy agreement for agreeing to subscribe, collecting the information they input, and agreeing to Givelify’s services and terms. The arrow emphasizes the call to action in brand orange, indicating their agreement to receive events for volunteering.

Key features in the illustration:
The mobile illustration is placed at the bottom to avoid overcrowding the messaging and CTA. The desktop version has a split-screen landing page so that both text and images are prominent.We have added a "No Thanks" option so they can opt out.

Solution for Email, Social Media & Poster

During the researching phase, I looked at Givelify’s website and social media accounts to get an overall sense of their illustration style and typographic hierarchy.

I noticed that on many Instagram posts, there was always a heart, so I decided to maintain continuity and incorporate that into the hero image.

Further down the email page, I utilized the illustration style from Givelify’s homepage, with the hands waving and holding hearts, as seen below. I added elements of sketchy drawings to make the illustration stand out. Additionally, I used brand colors and rounded corners/shapes from the website as well.

Second Round

Social Media